The Wiretappers are an acoustic string band from the Seattle area, playing a mix of Juke Joint music, Western Swing, classic country, dancehall honky-tonk, and hillybilly jazz, with a bit of bluegrass, jazz standards, gypsy, and funky folk mixed in. Our sound is groove-oriented and perfect for getting dancers out on the floor, with great instrumentals, lead vocals and lots of harmony singing. **** The Wiretappers came into being over the course of several late night, alcohol-assisted jam sessions around bluegrass festival campfires in the northwest part of Washington State, when longtime friends David and Scott met up with longtime friends Mark and Jake and began mixing the magical musical mysteries of swing, jazz, bluegrass, country and funky folk. We found much common ground and a love and energy for 3 part harmonies, genre-blending experimentation and extending our musical terrain to new friends and audiences in the Pacific Northwest. *** Since that fateful summer, the Wiretappers have continued to explore and blur the boundaries. Classic songs from swing, jazz, country or folk genres…none are off limits to the re-arranging and remixing talents of the Wiretappers. *** The Wiretappers are available for community events, house concerts, festivals, parties, wedding receptions and almost any other venue where good time, toe-tapping music is welcome. Contact us directly at wiretappers@gmail.com for details.

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